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Using your Zodiac Sign to Find the Best Pet Match

Use your zodiac to find the perfect pet!
Use your zodiac to find the perfect pet!
Most people use their zodiac sign to explain their personality and help find potential love matches. However, astrologers can also use your birth sign as a way to determine what type pet is ideal for your needs.

According to MSN's Astrology website, if you're an Aries, an Irish Terrier pup may suit you best, as it will be able to keep up with your abundance of energy. A Pomeranian, however, makes a cute and cuddly friend to a Taurus, who is appreciative of beauty and intelligence.

Geminis, known for their chattiness, may enjoy a parrot's company, while cancers, who are often very emotional, may do well with a low-maintenance but sweet hamster. Leos, with their playful hearts, may enjoy the companionship of a mischievous Siamese cat.

Virgos are often picky perfectionists and the news source recommends they stick with a Bernese Mountain Dog, who will be able to live up to their standards. Libras, appreciative of true beauty, may find happiness in owning a pair of lovebirds. Spiders can make a good companion to inquisitive Scorpios and those warm, friendly people born under the Sagittarius sign may discover that a Great Dane is the perfect furry companion.

Practical Capricorns may like a disciplined German Sheppard and an Aquarius will appreciate iguanas to suit their uniqueness. Pisces, who like to escape normality, are likely to love staring into an aquarium of tropical fish.

If you are unsatisfied with these suggestions and feel you will be better off with a different pet, you may want to consult a psychic. Experts can conduct a clairvoyant reading and will be able to discover your unique characteristics in order to find the perfect pet companion.  
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All "Astrology" Posts
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