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What Are the Characteristics of a Leo?

Understanding the warm, loving nature of Leos
Understanding the warm, loving nature of Leos
The sign of Leo is perhaps one of the strongest in the zodiac, represented by the lion. Those who are born between July 23 and August 22 are categorized as Leos, and there is much to be said about this sign.

Leos are known for being strong and having warm personalities. One woman who is notable for being a strong Leo is actress Lucille Ball. During her lifetime, Ball skyrocketed to fame through her popular sitcom, "I Love Lucy," and it's no wonder - not only was she talented, but she was a confident, charming Leo.

These individuals are playful in nature and incredibly loving, which may be why they tend to have plenty of friends in their social circles. However, Leos can become fearful and cold if they are scorned by someone they care about. They are also known for being too interested in seeking approval from others, which can hold them back at times.

If you're a Leo and want to know more about what makes your roar, speak to an astrology psychic. A psychic reading can give you insight into your sign, as well as how it affects your daily life.
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All "Astrology" Posts
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