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4 In-Law Issues and How to Delicately Deal

No matter how frustrated you are, you've got to find a way to cope with your in-laws.
No matter how frustrated you are, you've got to find a way to cope with your in-laws.
In-law issues are commonplace, but there's a reason for that: merging families is sometimes difficult. This is especially true when you have different values or priorities, although sometimes there are feelings of jealousy and resentment. Dealing with rough in-law situations can frustrate even the most patient person, so you have to learn how to deal with these issues as delicately and tactfully as possible.

1. He's Always Mama's Little Boy
One of the most common in-law disasters involves mothers who don't think you're good enough for their sons. If you make his favorite pot roast for dinner, she insists she makes it better. If you throw him a birthday party, she criticizes you for making the wrong cake. If you buy him a shirt, she lets you know that it's the wrong color. It's never-ending, and it starts to feel like a competition. Your husband doesn't want to get involved either, because who wants to get between his mother and his wife?

He does need to put his foot down in your favor, but you can handle this problem too. You have to talk to your mother-in-law. Confronting the situation, rather than the woman herself, is helpful. If you feel like you're starting to hate her, talk to a spiritual psychic about how to put things in perspective. Try to understand that she's been the woman in her son's life up to this point—and get help in making her understand that there's room for two.

2. You're Not Raising the Grandchildren Correctly
It's harder when the grandparents are a little too involved with the kids. Grandparents are protective, because it's so much different from being a parent. Your in-laws — or your parents, for that matter — may feel that, because they've been there before, they know more than you do. They want to help you, so they're coming from a good place. However, it's never okay to criticize a mother simply because she does things differently.

This is where you need to set up boundaries. Talk to the grandparents about the need to explore your own parental skills and spread your wings. Let them know that you'll always come to them when you need help, but first you have to make your own mistakes — just as they did, when raising you or your partner.

3. The Family that Plays Together Stays Together
Do your in-laws want to spend every waking moment with you? They might insist on weekly dinners, family holidays, or even family vacations. That's tough, especially if you don't necessarily get along that well. Certainly you want to have time with your spouse, especially during special occasions.

Now is the time to compromise. Schedule dinners monthly, or even every two weeks. Offer alternating holidays, but let them know that you need your own space. Even if you have holidays early or late, you can help make everyone happy.

4. The In-Laws Who Ask for Hand-Outs
Sometimes in-laws get a little too close. This is not okay. If your spouse's siblings start asking for money, food, or a place to stay, you have to decide what you're comfortable with and what you aren't. This creates tension, and a psychic reading about your in-laws may help you smooth over these rough patches.

Your in-laws are there throughout your marriage. If it means getting along, do what you have to do — even if you keep the relationship superficial.
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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