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4 Ways to Make Friends as an Adult by Hollywood Psychics

Just because you're a hard-working adult doesn't mean you can't have fun!
Just because you're a hard-working adult doesn't mean you can't have fun!
So, you've decided that you need to spend more time socializing, but that's hard when work, kids, and life get in the way. But don't worry; just follow these few tips and you'll find that making friends isn't that difficult.

1. Find Your Wild Side
No one wants to hang out with an introvert. Psychology Today says that being outgoing is among one of the more favorable traits of a good personality. In order to become more attractive friend, you'll need to learn how to become outgoing, honest, agreeable, and open to new experiences.

The next time you're hanging out with people, be spontaneous. Jump in the lake with all your clothes on, be daring and introduce yourself to the cutest guy at the bar, face your fears of crowds and sing karaoke, or completely forget about how skeptical you are and get a psychic reading.

2. Become Facebook Friends
Don't you hate those people who Facebook friend everyone they meet? Sometimes it seems like they're doing it just to say, "Hey, look at how many friends I have! I am so cool." Don't do be that person. Nobody likes "her."

What you should do is connect with people who you want to get to know better. For example, when you get to talking with one of the other moms at your child's school, don't be afraid to send them a friend request so that you can grab some coffee together or schedule a playdate when you have a few free hours. Social media is a great way to make connections, so don't be afraid to make friends with it.

3. Get a Hobby
One issue with finding friends is finding the ones you actually like and who have something in common with you. To be successful at this, find a hobby and join groups and classes to interact with people who have the same interests. Some examples that will help you find people with your interests include:

   • Joining a gym
   • Performing in a community play
   • Taking a dance class
   • Taking a scrapbooking class
   • Joining a community sports team
   • Attending group psychic medium readings
   • Taking a group fitness class
   • Volunteering at various events

4. Find Friends in Acquaintances
How do friendships start? They start as an acquaintanceship. If you know someone who seems kind of cool or fun, don't be afraid to make friends with them. Strike up a conversation with someone at work, talk to the other parents when you attend school events, or even share in small talk with the cashiers at the grocery store. You don't have to go out of your way to find friends; look for them in your daily life. Making friends is as simple as asking a coworker to have lunch with you.

Whether you've just moved to a new city and don't know anyone or you simply feel too busy for friends, these simple tips can help you make friends as an adult.
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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