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5 Key Tips for Peacefully Blending a Family

A blended family can become a happy family.
A blended family can become a happy family.

Blending a family is never as easy as it looks on TV or in the movies, especially when there are children involved. If they've lost a family member due to death or they're split between two parents because of divorce, they're bound to feel some resentment when someone new comes into the mix—and that counts double if their new parent has children as well. Don't give it up as a loss, though, because although things will never be sitcom-smooth, you can form a happy new family with work.

Work Slowly and Have Patience

Statistics show that if you can wait about two years to remarry after the death of or divorce from your former spouse, your family will come together much more easily. It won't necessarily be effortless, but everyone needs time to adjust—especially your children. Changes confuse and upset children, regardless of their age. Let them adapt to the loss of their parent or your separation, then give them time to adapt to the idea of someone new in their lives. They also need to come to terms with having new step-siblings.

Seek Counseling

Family counseling is tremendously helpful, and it's something you can do while you're working to slowly blend the family. Having a professional therapist talk to the family together and individually can help root out any issues before they become problems. It's good for you and your new spouse, but it will also give your children a chance to vent and voice any fears or concerns. If there are resentments, you can learn how to deal with them effectively before they interfere with the family dynamic.

Get a Psychic Reading as a Family

A family counselor isn't your only avenue. Think about having a psychic chat that includes the entire family. Sometimes intuition is even more important than clinical training. A psychic can intuit the problems below the surface, which are often the issues that cause the most distress.

You and your partner can have separate chats as well, to get help coming up with different activities and techniques for blending your family. Be completely honest about any issues between the kids or with yourselves as parents. Full disclosure is imperative if you want a seamless transition.

Don't Expect Too Much

You know you can't expect too much of your children, but don't expect too much of yourself or your partner either. As you begin blending your family, you're probably expecting the children to have issues with their new step-parents, but have you considered how the new parents might feel about the kids?

You might not like to think about it, but it's possible that your new spouse won't automatically get along with your children, and vice versa. That's okay, and it doesn't spell disaster. Love takes time, even for adults.

Devise Co-Parenting Strategies

Before blending, you have to sit down with your new partner and discuss your parenting techniques. Use your live psychic as a mediator in this endeavor. If you're not on the same page, your kids will know it, and they may play you against each other. Work out any extreme issues, such as disciplinary tactics and incentives. You may need to make compromises.

You may not have a happily-ever-after family, but with time you will live together peacefully and grow close. 

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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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