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5 Signs Your Pet Deserves a Psychic Reading by Hollywood Psychics

How can you say no to that adorable face?!
How can you say no to that adorable face?!
Just like people, dogs go through ups and downs during life. Pets get excited and depressed, anxious or lazy. While much of this is normal (hey, we don't feel like our awesome selves all the time, either), sometimes you just know something else is going on. When you get this feeling, don't let anyone tell you you're making things up. You know your pet better than anyone else, so if you think there's a problem, you're probably right. 

1. Your Pet is Lethargic 
Jasper has always been a rowdy terrier. At just five years old, his owner Cynthia knew he was far too young to be slowing down so much. He quit doing his happy dance when she came home from work, no longer bounced around with his leash for his after dinner walk, and stopped alerting her when the mailman made his rounds. Cynthia was right: Jasper was depressed. She got him the clairvoyant reading he deserved, and soon Jasper was again his devilishly perky self. 

2. Your Pet Loses His Appetite 
Fedora had never been a rotund cat, but she certainly never shied away from a heaping helping of tuna surprise, either. Her owner, Martha, tried everything to coax Fedora to eat. She swapped cat food brands, tried both canned and dry food, and even topped Fedora's meals with bacon grease to tempt her to eat. When Martha finally got in touch with her psychic, she learned Fedora was simply lonely. Martha adopted a rescue cat and named him Beret. Fedora and Beret are now best buds, competing to see who can scarf down the most tilapia at mealtimes. 

3. Your Pet Exhibits Fears 
Alice had accepted Charles' propensity to hide under the bed during thunderstorms, but when the husky 90-pound lab started shying away from good friends and close family members, Alice knew she had to do something. Alice found a compassionate psychic who helped Charles learn to trust again, and shed his fears. Now Alice and Charles share long walks and play in the park without him running for cover. 

4. Your Pet Has Separation Anxiety 
Dora the dachshund howled excruciatingly every time Missy left for work. She ate the blinds, made messes on the bedroom floor, and chewed the furniture. Missy loved Dora, but she became so destructive in Missy's absence that Missy considered giving her up because she could no longer afford the repairs. After getting a free psychic reading, Missy learned how to help Dora prepare for her absences and cope while she was gone. Now Missy comes home to a clean, preserved home and a loving Dora to happily welcome her. 

5. Your Vet Can't Find a Health Problem, But You Sense Something is Wrong 
When your pet isn't behaving right or feeling well, the first step is always to see your vet. In many cases, there is an underlying health condition that can be treated to return your pet to his or her wonderful self. But too often, the owner knows something is wrong, but the vet insists there isn't cause for concern. Don't hesitate to seek additional help when the medical community is unable to treat your pet. A psychic consultation can be your answer, just like it helped these loving pet owners.

A good pet parent can always tell when something is wrong with their furry friend. If you notice these or any other changes, get to the bottom of it fast with a psychic reading.
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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