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6 Signs You and Your Partner are Ready for a Baby

Ask yourself important questions to know if you're ready for a baby.
Ask yourself important questions to know if you're ready for a baby.

Life with a newborn baby consists of long nights, long days, and very little sleep in between. It's totally worth it. If you and your partner are considering having a baby, then you're probably ready. It's a bit easier when you have a pair of helping hands, so make sure both of you understand that it will be a full-time effort for both parents. Try a psychic hotline if you're uncertain, or check this handy list.

Can You Work at a Steady Pace?

Most babies weigh less than ten pounds when they're born, and barely more than twenty by their first birthday. While not all babies will need a steady pacing of the floors, colic is common. In the first few months, be ready to walk. A lot.

Is Your Temper Under Control?

To be honest, most mothers are never emotionally ready for that moment when someone makes your baby cry. If you've learned how to resolve issues with your partner or even coworkers without getting worked up, then you're probably ready for a baby. The first time you bring baby in for shots, keep a cool head in this stressful situation.

Do You Have a Supportive Family?

Speak with friends and family ahead of time about nap schedules and bed time so that they'll know not to visit or call while baby is sleeping. No one ever warns you how sacred sleepy-time becomes when you have a baby, even into their pre-school years. Even Grandmas tend to forget, so remind them, gently.

Do You Consistently Pay Your Bills?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, maybe missing a few medical bills here and there? Having a baby is, in some ways, a huge financial commitment that you absolutely can not back out on. The first year of a baby's life can cost $12,000. That's just the basics for the first year.

Is There a Grocery Store Near Your Home?

Those little plastic bottles of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are deceptively full when you don't need them. But when baby spikes a fever two hours after the local pharmacy closes, they are inexplicably empty. That's a slight exaggeration, but you'd be surprised how often you'll need something. Living near a grocery store, those that typically carry over-the-counter medications, is incredibly convenient when your little one gets sick at a most inconvenient time.

Are You Prepared to Shop Till You Drop?

Babies grow at an incredibly quick rate. During the first year of baby's life you'll buy several different size ranges. And, infants may dirty numerous outfits throughout the day. Though you'll get some clothes at the baby shower, be ready to do a lot of shopping to replace outgrown and stained clothing. But hey, shopping for new baby clothes is half the fun of having a baby!

If you're still worried you're not ready for a baby, try a psychic chat. There is no definite checklist that will give you all the answers. A personal chat will take your situation into consideration, and offer advice meant for you.

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