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Are You Toxic? 6 Things That are Pushing People Away

If toxic habits are pushing people away, STOP!
If toxic habits are pushing people away, STOP!

Sometimes people do things that push others away. Everyone does it from time to time but when it seems like a pattern, it is time to look within yourself and pinpoint the exact reasons people are retracting from you.

Often it is because you have one or more of the common characteristics shared by toxic people. If so, you are probably attracting the wrong type of people in your life. Here are six habits that push healthy relationships away.

Overt Jealousy

Are you a jealous person taking too much time worrying about what everyone else has instead of counting your blessings? Jealous people are not attractive. Most people pull back when someone is overly jealous. They are much more likely to find people who celebrate the achievements of others.

Overly Sensitive

Sensitivity is a positive quality if used to better the situations of others. When you are too sensitive about yourself, the quality takes a turn and becomes a turnoff. Being overly sensitive creates an aura of low self-esteem. Speak with a live psychic about why you are too sensitive and what you can do to lessen your sensitivity.

Victim Mentality

You are not always the victim. Unwelcome setbacks are part of life. When faced with misfortune, embrace it and learn from it. If you go around feeling sorry for yourself, portraying yourself as the victim, people eventually give up on trying to help you. Healthy relationships do not develop in situations where support meets a victim mentality.

Negative Nellie

Positive people attract other positive people, and negative people attract a like kind. If you are always complaining and have an all-around negative attitude, your company is not enjoyable. Life is about how you perceive it. You may get attention for being a Negative Nellie, but you are not winning over friends. The characteristic pushes people away.

Cruel Jokes Are Not Funny

You may think your jokes are funny, but if those around you aren't laughing, you could be coming across as cruel instead of funny. Sarcasm is only attractive in small amounts and in the right setting. If your sarcasm is getting you the wrong kind of attention, it is a good idea to abandon the practice.

Hoarding Pain From the Past

If you are holding on to anger and hurt from the past, let it go. Often, loved ones will reject you if you allow past events to affect your present. There is only so many times you can tell the story about how your ex wronged you. Letting go is liberating; live in the present. Then you can enjoy things to come instead of focusing on the past. A clean mindset is much more attractive for making solid friendships.

If you feel like people are avoiding you, simple changes can bring them back. Speak with a real psychic for ideas on how to attract the right people for friendships that last.

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