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Dealing with Pressure from Your Parents

Are your parents pressuring you?
Are your parents pressuring you?
Pleasing your parents is hard. When you were a kid, they always wanted you to be the best on your sports team, the best in your class and the best behaved child you could be. As you grew up, they expected you to do well at college and land a high-paying job. And now that you're on your own, they're pressuring you about all kinds of new things - getting a raise, finding your soulmate and having kids, to name a few.

Nobody wants to feel like they've let their parents down, but if your 'rents have unrealistic expectations, you should let them know that their words and actions are putting a lot of stress on you. Lots of moms lovingly ask their kids questions like "When are you going to give me grandbabies?" or "Are you ever going to get married?" without intending to put pressure on them, but if this comment - even when made in semi-jest - makes you feel like the weight of the world is coming down on your shoulders, tell your mom to knock it off. Wouldn't she prefer you're settled and stable before you start a brood of little ones or say "I do"?

If your parents are pressuring you about your job, remember that it's only because they want you to have a good life with all the comforts you need. Even if you're doing your best at work, there are lots of factors beyond your control, so remind your parents that you're giving it your all - even if your boss is still refusing to give you that raise.

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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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