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Feeling Left Out

Are you really getting left out?
Are you really getting left out?
Big groups of friends can be great, but if you're on the outskirts of the clique, you might feel left out. Are you being oversensitive, or are you really being excluded?

First, it is important to understand that friendships wax and wane. Sometimes you'll be the most popular kid in the group, and other times you might miss out on a few events. Just because you're not on top of the dog pile today doesn't mean you won't be back to being Mr. or Ms. Popular soon.

It's important not to seem too needy or clingy - overreacting or getting accusatory could drive a wedge between you and your friends and make you feel even more excluded. However, if you're bothered, it could be a good idea to confront your friends about feeling left out. Either they'll make more of an effort to include you - or they weren't really your friends to begin with.

If you're still confused, contact a psychic. Our talented psychics can use their powers of intuition to see if your feelings are unwarranted, or if you should speak up. 
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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