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Forgiving Yourself

It can be hard to forgive yourself when you feel like you've messed up.
It can be hard to forgive yourself when you feel like you've messed up.
It can be very difficult to forgive friends, family and significant others who have wronged us. But what about when you're the one who's done the wronging? Sometimes, forgiving ourselves is even harder than forgiving our loved ones.

Everybody makes mistakes. Whether you did something minor, like forgot a friend's birthday, or something major, like cheated on your spouse, sometimes the worst part of messing up is dealing with your own emotions. Even when your loved ones have forgiven you, living with the guilt of what you did can haunt you for years.

First, stop being so hard on yourself. You may have made a mistake, but it's in the past now. You can't go back and undo it - wishing that you could is a waste of everyone's time. All you can do is use your future actions to prove that you won't make the same misstep twice. Whether you're working to regain your girlfriend's trust or sending your mom flowers to apologize for getting angry on the phone, the most important thing you can do to feel better about what happened is be vigilant to never let it happen again.

Of course, you can always turn to a psychic for help in dealing with a troubling memory. If something's haunting you, try talking to one of our gifted psychics, who can help you look deep within to find the strength to forgive yourself.
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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