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How to Talk to Your Troubled Teen

Learn how to communicate effectively with your teen
Learn how to communicate effectively with your teen

Teenagers are notorious for being moody, testing the limits, and disagreeing with their parents. Although to some extent, those characteristics are normal, dealing with a troubled teen poses many challenges. Speaking with a real psychic may give you insight on future issues you may have, and may prepare yourself to talk with your troubled teen.

Troubled Teens

Although moodiness is normal, having intense mood swings may be a sign that you are dealing with something more. Other signs that your teen may be troubled include their experimentation with drugs or alcohol, rebellious behaviors, and anger or violence. Another sign of a troubled teen is dramatic change in appearance such as dying their hair, shaving their head, or wearing dramatically different clothing. Dealing with a troubled teen is no easy task, but recognizing that your teen is troubled is the first step.

Actions Equal Consequences

Being consistent is an important part of dealing with a troubled teen. Some people get frustrated and don’t want to deal with their teen, while others may be inconsistent in punishing a child. Your child needs to know that his or her actions have consequences every time, and those consequences are consistent. Even if your teen acts out against you, or promises never to do something again, it’s important to stay strong and enforce the rules that you have clearly set.

Give Your Teen Space

It’s fairly easy to be an overbearing parent, especially to a troubled teen, but teens need their space. Give your teen time to cool off, and don’t expect a real, productive conversation when your teen is furious. Even if your teen is not moody, it’s still important to let them have some freedom and space. Let your teen come to you if they need to talk, and ask them if they want it before giving any advice. By smothering your teen, you will only push them further away, even if you believe they owe you an apology, or are desperately in need of your guidance.

Manage Your Own Emotions

Sometimes giving your teen space after a discussion is also productive for you. It’s important to manage your emotions during this time as well. Getting equally mad when your teen acts out doesn’t encourage productive conversations. If your feelings are elevated consider talking to a psychic to have a reading or to relax. Give yourself some time and space, so you can come back and be a good parent to your troubled teen. Losing your temper with your teen will only lead to hurt feelings, and higher anxiety instead of solving any problems.

Troubled teens are difficult, and they will test your patience. Make sure you fully understand the signs of a troubled teen, and talk to someone if you need some personal time. It’s also important to make sure you get your teen help if their actions become dangerous or especially worrisome. Most importantly, remember that chances are very high that this is just a phase, and you will get past it.

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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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