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Is Your Cell Phone Ruining Your Life?

She's probably spent more time uploading photos than enjoying the scenery.
She's probably spent more time uploading photos than enjoying the scenery.
Your boyfriend's last meaningful conversation was with his Call of Duty avatar. Your best friend gave up on trying to get your input on her outfit for the concert, and took her creepy cubicle neighbor shopping. Your family gave up trying to speak to you at dinner and bought a parrot to keep up the chit-chat. Sound familiar? Yeah, you're probably a little too into that unlimited talk, text, and data plan. Why is cell phone addiction such a problem?

You're An Island in Your Own Mind
When you're using your cell phone instead of engaging in conversations around you, you're isolating yourself. This isn't healthy. It's easy to carry on trivial conversations by text or social media, but these conversations aren't deep enough for real intimacy. They're a flimsy substitute.

Instead of posting, "Look what's for dinner!" on Facebook, try thanking the person who made or bought it and enjoying those who are actually there in front of you. Mute your cell phone when you're around your peeps, and save the texts and posts for times when you're alone.

You're Over-inflating Your Ego
You can get a big head when tons of people are calling you, texting you, and liking or retweeting your posts. But this isn't real affection, it's a cheap online surrogate. Would your FB pals really be there for you if something serious went down? Who would you call if you truly needed someone to talk to? Focus on these relationships, and realize all the popularity is just an online illusion. You ain't really all that.

You're Driving Others Away
Do you enjoy watching someone text other people while you're trying to talk to them? Right, not so much. If you put down the phone you might find out how interesting your boyfriend, BFF, or family really is. They might not tell you that you're hurting their feelings, but chances are it's true. When you're with others, treat their time as something valuable. The investment is worth the reward. Need to learn more about healthy relationships? Consider online psychic advice.

You're Stressing Yourself Out
Constantly feeling like you have to post updates, answer texts, and pick up phone calls is stressful! Phone addicts often answer calls and text messages during sleeping hours and meals, which is unhealthy. Mute the phone and get a good night's sleep. Turn it off and savor the flavors at mealtime. You'll feel more refreshed and satisfied, which leads to less stress. (P.S. Stress can lead to skin problems, unhealthy hair, weight gain, and other unsightly problems. These don't look good on your FB cover photos.)

You're Not Safe to Yourself or Others
If you aren't paying attention to your surroundings, you can seriously injure yourself. How silly are you going to feel when you break your leg on a staircase you didn't see or bust your face by falling into a manhole? Joking aside, having your face stuck in a phone isn't safe. You could get hurt, or accidentally hurt someone else. Pay attention! "I just stepped on a toddler and broke her foot," does not make a good tweet.

Need help breaking your cell phone addiction? Talk to your psychic about it or have your friends help you out. Your mom or boyfriend would probably be more than willing to yank it away when you've had enough.
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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