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Picking Your Bridesmaids

Picking bridesmaids can be a challenge.
Picking bridesmaids can be a challenge.
You and your sweetie are out to dinner one evening, when he suddenly gets down on one knee. Could it be? You hold your breathe as he opens a box, shows you a ring and asks you to marry him. You leap out of your chair, filled with euphoria, and cry out, "Yes!" Once the joy of the moment dies down, a serious task lies ahead of you: planning the wedding.

Part of planning the perfect wedding is choosing your bridesmaids, a difficult task that can sometimes be fraught with complicated emotions. Traditionally, four to seven bridesmaids is about the correct range, but you can have anywhere from one (or none!) to a dozen or more. So how can you choose?

Obviously, if you have sisters, it is customary to include them in your bridal party. Often, but not always, your sisters serve as the maids of honor while you exchange your vows. Some people choose to restrict their wedding parties to family only, selecting their sisters and perhaps a female cousin or two to stand by them at the altar.

If you don't have any sisters, it is traditional to select friends for your bridal party. This can be difficult, because you don't want any of your friends feeling left out, so be sure that you include the people who are important to you and extend invitations to those who you want present when you say "I do". For your maid of honor, pick a gal you know well - one who you know won't mind being asked to help with some of the more mundane parts of wedding planning, like licking envelopes and picking out napkins. (Be sure you also pick one who knows how to party, since she'll be planning your bachelorette party!)

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