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Sibling Rivalry

Are you feeling left out?
Are you feeling left out?
You're supposed to love your siblings, but it can be tough if you feel like they're hogging the spotlight. Sister getting married? Brother getting a promotion? You could be getting lost in all the hustle surrounding their achievements. If you feel like you're the proverbial (and maybe literal) middle child, take a deep breath and try to banish that jealousy so you can be happy for your siblings' success.

If your sister is getting married or having a baby, all of the family attention is probably focused on her. While it might be tough to let her hog the spotlight, this is her moment to shine - you'll get yours someday, too! Be happy for your sister's milestone, and remember that she'll be happy for you on your big day when it's your turn.

If your brother is overshadowing your professionally, your parents might be burying him in praise while neglecting to mention your (admittedly small) successes at your entry-level job. While you might feel jealous of his achievement, you should congratulate him too. Of course, it won't hurt to remind your parents that you're working hard, too.

For more advice, contact a psychic. Our gifted psychics can use their talents to see if you'll be reaching a major life milestone that your siblings can be jealous of instead! 
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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