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What if you Love your Friend?

What if you love your friend?
What if you love your friend?
Realizing you are in love with someone can be the most wonderful of feelings. Realizing you are in love with a friend you have had for years however, can be scary.

Those who find themselves developing feelings for a close friend are probably most fearful of losing a meaningful friendship. If he doesn't return your feelings, or if it doesn't work out with her, you risk sacrificing having that wonderful person in your life.

Things would be so much easier if you were able to find out how they felt without asking them, but this may be extremely difficult without psychic skills.

Though you may fear the answer, it is best to find out if they are interested in a relationship with you. Not knowing can make you miserable in their presence because you want more, or forever waiting for someone who cannot see you that way.

So - should you tell your pal or not? Psychics, with their clairvoyant abilities, can look into your future and give you the insight you need to choose the best course of action in such a situation. 
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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