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You Made an Enormous Mistake: What Now?

No matter how big the mistake, you can still bounce back.
No matter how big the mistake, you can still bounce back.
Maybe you goofed up a huge project at work, or cheated on your dream boyfriend, or ruined the family get together by drinking a gallon of egg nog and dancing on the dining table. Whatever your big mistake was, rest assured, there is a path to redemption. Just swallow your pride and follow these (we don't dare call them simple) steps.

Offer Your Sincere Apologies
Fess up! You did it, everybody either knows you did it, suspects you did it, or will soon know you did it. After everything is out in the open you'll actually feel better. Offer a sincere apology and tell them you're sorry for any pain or trouble you've caused. After all, if Americans forgave Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods, people will probably forgive you too. If you need some motivation before coming clean, speak to a psychic advisor first.

Erase as Much Damage as Possible
After you've admitted your transgressions and apologized for what you've done, make it right insomuch as is possible. Offer to fix the project at work, or clean up the mess, or repay damages. There are some things you can't fix, and that's okay. What matters is that you step up and take responsibility for what you've done and done what you can to make it right again.

Part of repairing damage may include taking photos off social media, including other people's photos you're tagged in. Having those images lingering on the Internet is a road block to your healing and others healing. Yeah, looking at the photos might sting, but it's an important part of making repairs. This will keep the past mistake from hindering your bright future.

Make a List of Lessons You Learned 
The only good thing about making a huge mistake is that you can learn from it. What led to the problem? Were you overly stressed, extremely tired, or reeling from a loss? What steps can you take in the future to keep something like this from happening again? Write down the lessons you want to take from the experience. Then build better habits for future success.

Often our mistakes stem from allowing stress to build up, not getting enough rest, or allowing ourselves to overindulge in alcohol. If you're having problems dealing with your life, talk to someone or consult a psychic. Address issues in your life so you can move toward success, and away from past mistakes.

Move On
Get over it! You did it, you fixed it, you're done with it. Don't flail yourself or allow others to do so. Plenty of strong, confident, successful women have overcome hideous mistakes. Look at Martha Stewart, who rebounded from a prison sentence and returned as smart, spunky, and successful as ever. Consider Serena Williams, whose on-court meltdown cost her an important match, yet was able to go on to conquer future tournaments. Janet Jackson humiliated herself by flashing her boob at the Superbowl, yet rallied to save her career.

You're far from alone if you've made a tremendous boo-boo. But, you'll be even more alone if you let it stand in your way. Pick up the pieces, learn your lessons, and go kick some ass! See, you're stronger already.
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All "Family & Friends" Posts
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