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4 Ways to Overcome Any Fear

Exercise can help you let go of fears
Exercise can help you let go of fears

More than six million Americans live with a diagnosed phobia. The rest of America isn’t immune to this emotion though. Most of the population will face mild fear as they confront uncomfortable situations. Fear is unavoidable, but there are many strategies that can help you overcome this feeling.

Try Exposure Therapy

Human nature typically sees us avoiding the things in life that make us fearful. However, this behavior simply reinforces our fears, because we never have to deal with the consequences of meeting them. Many psychologists believe the only way to remove fear is to confront it using exposure therapy.

As part of exposure therapy, someone fearful of blood tests might look at the needles used to draw blood and watch online videos of blood tests. These experiences would force this person to confront the phobia and feel the body’s response. This nervous system response would decrease in time, as familiar things lose their power. After exposure therapy, this person may feel confident to take a medical test.  

Sweat it Out

Exercise has a host of physical health benefits, but it’s also good for your mental health. A work-out session is one of the best ways to alleviate your fears. It releases feel-good endorphins and increases the body's temperature, which has a calming effect.

You’ll get the most benefit from exercise you really enjoy, but it can be tough finding a work-out routine which resonates with you. Have a chat with a psychic online or call a psychic hotline to learn which type of exercise best suits your personality.

Breathe Through It

It might seem strange to think that something we do every day without any thought could quell our fears, but focusing on your breath is a great way to relieve anxiety. Deep, slow breathing helps your body produce more relaxing endorphins and less of the adrenaline and toxins which cause anxiety.

Focusing on your breath can also help you shut out the rest of the world, including your fears. Focus on the all the sensations in your body, including the rise and fall of your chest and the feel of your breath on your top lip, to help those fears melt away.

Meditate to Reduce Fear’s Power

The long, slow breathing discussed above is the cornerstone of meditation. However, rather than focusing on the breath, many meditators prefer to use simple visualizations to reduce fear. One popular meditation involves seeing everything you fear, along with their causes, in the form of dense, thick smoke in your mind’s eye. Picture these smoky fears, then breathe them out of your nostrils, purging them out of your body and letting them disappear into the atmosphere. As you breathe back in, breathe in positive energy and fearlessness.

After meditating on these images for some time you should feel lighter and more peaceful, free of the fears that hold you back.

Don’t let fear overwhelm you or limit your life. Putting these strategies in place will help you overcome whatever fears you face.

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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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