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6 Reasons Why It's Great to be an Extrovert

An extrovert's captivating personality dazzles everyone they meet..
An extrovert's captivating personality dazzles everyone they meet..

Extroverts have a lot going for them. Liked by most people who meet them; they are outspoken, thrill seeking, easily bored, drawn to crowds, animated, assertive, responsive, and opinionated. This sets them up for success in everything they do. Here are six reasons why it's great to be an extrovert.

Extroverts Network Masterfully

They are experts at small talk. Loving to mix and mingle with new people, they've perfected the skill of networking. This ability introduces them to new experiences and connections. Their strength in networking allows them to land jobs and find new clients quickly. Extroverts can afford to be bold with the "ask." If someone says no, the next person is sure to say yes.

Extroverts are Innovative

Because an extrovert is easily bored, they are often searching to expand their horizons with new things to keep them busy. Innovation comes from always seeking challenges for their minds. They try to find the next big thing or the next best way of performing a task. When they need to, they will even phone a psychic for a little extra help in perfecting their idea.

Extroverts Are Overall Emotionally and Physically Healthier

The cheerful high spirit of an extrovert promotes a healthy immune system. Research suggests that their positive attitude transfers into better health. They are less prone to depression, anxiety, and even catching the common cold when compared to their introvert counterparts.

Extroverts Can Relate to a Variety of People

Extroverts live their life interacting with a variety of people, so it only makes sense that they can relate to just about anyone in any situation. They have a story to tell or know of someone who faced something similar. They easily transfer their experience to a current conversation or situation. Because they relate so easily and seem so trustworthy, they can cross any barrier met with ease.

Extroverts Make Great Leaders

Being the life of the party and knowing so many people invites leadership. Coupling that with extensive knowledge through experience and the bold nature of an extrovert, you have a natural-born leader. It would be pretty hard for the CEO of a company to promote the business if they didn't enjoy socializing and taking chances. Great leaders, such as Ronald Reagan, relied on his social skills and clairvoyants when in office. Reagan was an extrovert.

Extroverts Can Laugh at Themselves

Why take life so seriously? If an extrovert makes a mistake, they often laugh at themselves. They are okay with being the butt of their own joke. In fact, they will even tell the story so others can find humor in their shortcomings. They usually are too busy enjoying life to worry about a silly mistake.

Extroverts make up about 75 percent of the population. They are fun, exciting, and adventurous people. If you are an extrovert, embrace your strengths and be proud.

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