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A Chilling Story For The Witching Hour by Psychic Sofia

Eerie things can happen on All Hallows Eve!
Eerie things can happen on All Hallows Eve!
It was a dark and stormy night in the north. The moon was hidden above the grey clouds, ice-rain coming down in sheets, and the wind chilled down to the bone.  

This was no night for a traveler to be alone and yet there she was. She was down to the last two hours of the long journey back from the east coast, back to the comfort of her warm house and family. The five day retreat had been good for the soul and yet the heart longed to be back home with mom, child, and the loyal family dog.

Just a quick stop for coffee and that last 100 miles would get underway. That last leg along the coastline of the great lake, over the string of perilous black lake hills filled with ghosts of Native American warriors who still roamed their beloved land…

As she ran from the shelter of the car, into the street toward the entrance of the cafe, her mind returned to the night before. She thought of the laughter and surprise at the costumes, sights, and sounds. Funny how each and every person magically appeared as a character from a past lifetime existence. 

As she ran to escape the rain, in slow motion she heard a noise and saw her body above her, crashing into a windshield. Her body rolled down over the hood and under the car. 

"Open your eyes…" she heard the gentle voices, saw the two large, heavenly beings in robes. Were they angels? Slowly, she blinked, looked again and saw the big black tire next to her nose. “Come on!” the angelic beings urged. "Come on, get up… it's wet and cold, come on we'll help you." 

Her dad was pulling her to her feet. Her dad, who had been gone for a few years, was her rock. “Dad, how did you get here so fast?” she thought. 

Then, as if a fog had lifted, she realized her clothes were wet—she had to change, to get dry and warm. The angels, her dad, the driver of the car, the passing police officer, all became part of the fog and then they lifted. 

The coffee was perfect, her clothes and shoes were dry, but her knee and elbow hurt. Maybe she was having a bad dream?

Miles of dark shoreline later, the family was awake as the dog jumped on her with joy. Why were they up so late? Late? She wasn't late, it's only... the witching hour, All Hallows Eve... Happy Halloween!
Author's Photo by Sofia x7020
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