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Achieve Your Goals Through Visualization

Visualize—use the power of positive thinking.
Visualize—use the power of positive thinking.

To quote Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Many of us spend each day with ideas for success teeming through our minds. Yet, even when those ideas transform into goals, the fulfillment process proves more complicated. There's no secret potion to achieving your goals. To make your dreams happen, you must rely on strong mental imagery. Use the art of visualization to accelerate attainment.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is the practice of using the imagination to build mental imagery or pictures to create a vision of a desired future outcome or event. Many athletes prescribe to the technique, repeatedly rehearsing a motion in their mind before physically doing it, accounting for a more motivated, concentrated, and relaxed performer. 

Once a "preferred future" enters our minds as a possibility, we become more driven to capture that goal. At the same time, the more focus and emotional connection there is to the vision, the more the vision expands to provide the means for achieving your goal. 

When Should I Use It?

Unbeknownst to us, we use visualization every day, for seemingly mundane tasks. For example, when cooking a meal, you create an image of the final, plated dish prior to starting. But for a conscious approach to the technique, try it when you want to envision a success or when you need motivation. Visualization works well for physical performance and mentally staging demonstrations or speeches. A psychic chat could give you the courage to give it a shot.

How Do I Do It?

First, find a secluded, quiet area where you can peacefully close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax, and envision your goal. Next, visualize your goal, whether an object, situation, or movement, in your mind with as much detail, clarity, and determination as possible. Your vision needs to engage all of your senses, highly engaging your emotions. Practice twice a day for about 10 minutes. Then, make it a nightly habit, persevering until you succeed. 

Why Does It Work?

Envisioning success doesn't just lead to confidence and drive. Scientists posit that the same neural networks control how we experience both actions in reality and internally. In addition, visualization, as a sort of mental rehearsal, activates the sympathetic nervous system. This triggers the flight-or-fight response and increases blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing—the same reactions to actual physical exertion.

When you mentally repeat an action, you condition your body to recognize how to do it. This applies to mental tasks, as well; hence, visualization makes achievement feel natural. If you're unconvinced, ask a live psychic to teach you. 

What are the Benefits?

Visualization offers endless rewards. Practicing the technique keeps distractions from shifting your focus away from your goals. More than just for athletes and performers, it inspires, motivates, and improves how you approach events. Most importantly, it offers optimism and self-confidence.

Imagine your happiest self. By practicing visualization, you can make that version of yourself a reality. 


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