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Afraid of Going to the Doctor

Are you afraid of the doctor?
Are you afraid of the doctor?
Nobody likes going to the doctor, especially children. Of course, there are many adults who have a fear of heading to the MD, even if they're as sick as a dog.

If you're currently scared to the bone of getting checked out by a physician, it may be time to address the situation. After all, even the healthiest people fall ill every once in a while, and doctors are here to help us get through it.

Try to think back on your childhood. Was there a specific instance that led you to hating medical professionals? A traumatic event may have subconsciously planted the seed for your phobia. Pinpointing the incident will help you heal and move on.

Additionally, there may be another deep-rooted experience that has left you determined to never fall under the weather. Your obsession with being healthy may lie in a mentally-buried, life-changing event.

If you're still unsure of why you fear the doctor, speak with one of our psychics. A psychic can look into your past and help you figure out what experiences laid the groundwork for your current state-of-mind.
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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