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Are You Afraid of Rejection?

Are you afraid of rejection?
Are you afraid of rejection?
It goes without saying that nobody likes rejection. Whether it's at work, with friends or in a romantic situation, having somebody say "no thanks" to what you're laying on the table can sting like nobody's business.

Still, without taking risks and allowing the possibility of rejection to be out there, it's tough to get ahead in life. In order to meet the person you hope to marry, you'll probably experience dozens of flings that end up being a let-down. Before you land your dream job, you'll most likely have to work at scores of gigs beforehand. And surrounding yourself with the right group of friends is an ongoing, life-long process.

If you're afraid of rejection, you may want to look deep within yourself to understand why. Did someone from your past scar you emotionally, leaving you to pay the price for years to come? Or, were you taught as a child that risk-taking was bad? Either way, it's important to understand that missed opportunities and denials are only leading you to something better.

If you're still having issues handling rejection, it's time to speak with a psychic. Our psychics can give you the strength to break out of your comfort zone and see what awaits you in the unknown future.
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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