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Can You Really Control Your Dreams?

You can control your dreams when you are asleep
You can control your dreams when you are asleep

We all dream when we are sleeping, and when we wake up we often wish we could remember our dream or try to figure out what the meaning is behind it. While there are techniques to understand your dreams, like keeping a journal, there are possibilities to control your dreams. These few ways can help you control what you are dreaming before your head hits the pillow.


Meditation can help you control your dreams because you are present and aware of your surroundings. You begin by relaxing in your bed and reducing any stress that would interrupt your control. Keeping light out of the room, maintaining a comfortable room temperature, and turning off electronic devices will help you mediate better. Then, relax your muscles until all the tension is gone and start practicing breath movements. You will then be able to clear your mind to help you control your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming

You can experience lucid dreaming once you're deep into your meditation because you're relaxed and focused. Other times, however, you may need some help getting to a lucid state because you aren't as in control as you are when you're awake. A good tip to remember you're lucid dreaming is rubbing your hands together or place your hand on an object. Your conscious will know it is still dreaming and you can now change scenery in your dream. If you are still having trouble, phone a psychic to give you more insight on what your dream is telling you and how you can manage it.

Astral Projection

Astral projection creates an out-of-body experience where your spirit leaves your body and can see what is happening from above. If you want to control your dream, first recall as much of your dreams as possible by having pen and paper next to your bed. Getting in touch with a live psychic can help you recall your dream.

When you go to bed, tell yourself that you are going to dream tonight, and when you wake up in the morning you will remember the dream. Wait a few minutes before getting out of bed to write everything you saw in your dream. Once you've gotten your dream written down, you can begin astral projection by finding a place to relax and clear your mind.

You will become so relaxed that you will feel vibrations as you are leaving your body. You can now leave your body and go to another room for a bit. Get into the practice of astral projection to help you be more aware of your dreams.

When you are able to control your dreams, you can learn more about the experiences you have when you are in a deep sleep. Instead of just thinking these are simply small pictures in your mind, you can figure out the meaning of your dreams and you can use these interpretations to guide you in your waking life. These techniques can help you unlock your present and make you aware of what your future will bring.

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