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Conquering Stage Fright

Conquer your stage fright!
Conquer your stage fright!
Everybody knows the feeling of butterflies in your stomach just before a presentation or performance - even the people who always look calm and confident. (We promise!) If your stage fright is keeping you from taking the next step in your life, there are a few ways to build your confidence so you can knock 'em dead.

There's really one secret to performing well: Fake it until you make it. Being nervous isn't unusual; almost everyone feels some anxiety before performing in front of a group, giving a major presentation or showing off a big idea. The only difference is in whether or not you show it.

Try practicing your performance in front of friends and family before the big day. If that's still too nerve-wracking, simply practice in front of a mirror. The more certain you are that you know what you're going to do in front of the crowd, the more easily you'll be able to get up and do it. You might even try closing your eyes on stage, or even picturing the audience in their underwear - if you can do it without laughing.

For guidance, try contacting a psychic. Our talented psychics can look into the future to show you that everything will go fine on your big day.
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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