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Coping with Stress to Live a Better, Happier Life

Stress doesn't have to control your life.
Stress doesn't have to control your life.
Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn't have to be controlling. Learning to cope with anxiety when it arises can benefit your mind, body and spirit.

First, identify what triggers stress in your life. Is it work? Is it your friends? Honing in on the actual problem can help you find room for improvement. Once you know what's stressing you out, you can begin to brainstorm ways to defuse the situation.

Next, learn techniques to help you when you're in a jam. Sometimes, unexpected accidents can cause an ample amount of necessary stress. The next time your cup of coffee spills or you get caught in traffic, try taking deep breaths and counting to 10. Doing so can relax your body and ease your mind.

Additionally, don't forget to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Engaging in physical activity can help relieve tension in your muscles and keep your body in shape.

If you're having trouble tackling stress on a regular basis, a gifted psychic may be able to help. The insight they provide through their gifts might help you see that sunny days are up ahead and there's no reason to sweat the small stuff. 
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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