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Crying in Dreams

Do you cry in your dreams?
Do you cry in your dreams?
Our dreams often signify our innermost thoughts and sentiments, so when we wake up in a cold sweat with memories of a strange night visions, we're bound to want to get to the bottom of them.

Of course, crying in dreams is never pleasant. The feeling of being sad enough to shed tears, whether they are real or not, can lead to heart palpitations, anxiety and fear once you're awake.

If you currently are being bombarded such visions when you're just trying to get some shuteye, you can rest assured that there's a reason behind them. "To dream that you are crying, signifies a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself," DreamMoods.com reports.

Try to look at your life at the moment in order to get a clear picture of what's bothering you. Is there a pressing issue that you've been tossing aside while awake? Your subconscious may be trying to tell you it's time to confront this particular problem.

If you're still having trouble figuring out why the waterworks are ever-present in your dreams, speak with a psychic. Our psychics can use their powers of intuition to tell you what you need to change in your life in order to find happiness.
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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