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Drinking too much?

Is a need for alcohol becoming a problem in your life?
Is a need for alcohol becoming a problem in your life?
Here's a sobering statistic: nearly one in seven people who takes a drink of alcohol will become an alcoholic. If you or someone you love is showing signs of alcohol addiction or abuse, it might be time to seek help. But if the person whose drinking is becoming a problem is your spouse or significant other, telling them they need to lay off the booze can feel almost impossible.

Dealing with an alcoholic boyfriend or girlfriend can be a real strain, but if your significant other's drinking is escalating out of control, you need to speak up. If you don't, you could be putting yourself in danger. Many alcoholics alter their behavior while drunk, such as becoming violent or using abusive language. Even if your boyfriend is the sweetest guy in the world while sober, if he starts insulting you or harming you while intoxicated, you need to say something to protect yourself and your sweetheart.

Even if your honeybunch isn't a problem drinker yet, there are some signs that he or she might be on the road to a dangerous addiction. If you want to remind your boyfriend or girlfriend that life can be fun without alcohol, plan dates that don't involve drinking - like a night at the movies, a hike or a camping trip.

If you need help determining if your significant other has a problem, contact a psychic. Our talented psychics can use their powers of intuition to see if your sweetie's occasional overindulgence is just harmless fun, or if things could be going downhill fast. 
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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