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How to Look and Feel More Confident

You're awesome -- now start acting like it!
You're awesome -- now start acting like it!
Confidence is key for success whether you want to advance at work, get the guy you're after, or simply project a more positive personality. However, what if you don't feel confident at all, does that mean you're out of luck? Not at all; you simply have to fake it until you make it, and practice confidence until it becomes second nature for you.

Smile and the World Smiles Back
Smiling makes you look and feel more confident. It creates an air of happiness, it makes you look approachable, and it immediately lifts your mood. Better yet, it makes the people around you smile as well. Grin at a stranger as you pass on the sidewalk, and you've instantly brightened that person's day. Smile at the office, in the classroom, at the gym, and even in the grocery store. You'll exude an air of supreme confidence, and that will make you more confident over time.

Treat the World like a Catwalk
You have to strut your stuff to feel confident. Just because you're not a professional model doesn't mean you can't look and act like one. Whether you're sauntering down the sidewalk or wandering down the hallway at work, you need to strut like you mean it. All of the best psychics will tell you that success and confidence start from within, so as well as making the world your catwalk, keep your shoulders back, your posture straight, and your chin up and proud. All these tactics will pay off for you.

Start Talking to Yourself
Positive self-talk is a key aspect of increasing your confidence, so tell yourself how smart, beautiful, funny, and generally awesome you are every single day. You also need to practice having conversations, and if you're too shy to have them with other people right away, you can talk to yourself in the mirror. For that matter, you can also phone a psychic and have a conversation. This will help you learn more about your goals, give you tips, and help you figure out how to talk to strangers.

Make Sure to Dress for Success
Dressing well is a must for killer confidence. You don't have to follow any set style or trend, you simply have to wear clothes that put forth the look of confidence. Basically, if it makes you feel beautiful, wear it. For you, that might consist of pencil skirts and suit jackets, skinny jeans and cardigans, or cute dresses. Whatever the case, make sure your clothes fit well, complement your body type, and look right for the occasion.

Own Everything You've Got
Loving yourself is the best way to make yourself more confident. Don't see flaws, see signatures. Your glasses, your freckles, your curves, and your height are all wonderful; they're perfect. You don't have imperfections, you have unique features. Own your looks, your sense of humor, your talents, and every other part of yourself. If you love yourself, you'll automatically seem more confident.

If you yearn for success, you need confidence. With it, you'll succeed with your relationships, your job, your friends, and your entire life.
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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