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How to Remember Your Dreams

How can you remember your dreams?
How can you remember your dreams?
Dreams have the power to signify our hopes, fears and desires, but how can we interpret these night visions if we can't remember them in the first place? Recalling what your subconscious tells you while getting some shuteye is important to discovering your true soul.

According to Lucidity.com, the first step in this process begins with catching enough zs. "If you are rested it will be easier to focus on your goal of recalling dreams, and you won't mind so much taking the time during the night to record your dreams," the news source reports.

This, of course, leads to keeping a dream journal. The news outlet advises individuals to purchase a diary and keep it by their bedside every evening. If you wake up at any point, record your visions, no matter how big or fragmented they may be.

Finally, try to tell yourself as you're falling asleep that you need to remember your dreams. Your subconscious may pick up on the hint and wake you up at the appropriate hour.

If you're still having issues bringing your subconscious to the surface, try speaking with a psychic. Spiritual psychics can give you advice on how to bring subliminal inner feelings to the outside world.
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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