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Lucid Dreaming: What It Is and How You Can Do It

Fulfill your fantasies during a lucid dream.
Fulfill your fantasies during a lucid dream.

Dreams reveal useful, thought-provoking information about your hopes, fears, and desires. They even have a tendency to keep you entertained while you're resting at night. However, dreams are even more powerful because not only can they reveal what's happening in your subconscious, you can also control them if you know the right techniques.

Understanding Lucid Dreaming

The act of controlling your dreams is lucid dreaming. Just as the name implies, it means that you're essentially conscious when you're asleep. You technically wake up, which means that you're in control of the dreams. You should talk to your psychic if you want to learn more about understanding dreams. Doing so allows you to understand why you're having a particular dream, and it can help you understand the purpose behind lucid dreaming.

Exploring Your Dream World

Many things can happen when you experiment with lucid dreaming. You have complete clarity as you wander through the world of your dreams. If you're flying, you'll actually experience it. If you eat a strawberry in your dreams, you'll really taste it. When you fulfill a fantasy as you sleep, whether it's swimming with mermaids or kissing Charlie Hunnam, it'll feel authentic.

You don't have to feel scared either. You can overcome your fear of flying, your spider phobia, and your social anxieties. You can explore the reasons behind your recurring dreams and deal with past issues and traumas. It's even possible to get creative! You might write a poem, compose a song, or come up with an idea for a sculpture as you sleep.

Getting Prepared

You have to prepare yourself to dream lucidly. To do this, you must strengthen your mental foundations. It's important to believe you can take control of your dreams. You should have the right spiritual mindset as well, whatever your beliefs. You have to believe in your ability to dream lucidly, you have to understand the importance of dreaming in general, you must truly want to try it, and you have to think about what you'll do in your dreams. Go in with a positive, open mind.

Tracking Your Dreams

Before you begin lucid dreaming, you need to keep track of your current dreams. Keep a dream journal so you can jot down everything you remember when you wake up. You might do it in the morning or during a late-night bathroom break. Train yourself to remember every detail. It can help to phone a psychic to discuss your dreams. Your psychic can help you analyze what's happening, what certain details mean, and what your dreams symbolize.

Becoming More Aware

You have to become more aware of your consciousness and your subconsciousness. Throughout the day, ask yourself if you're dreaming. Talk to your psychic about the process so you can discover the best time to try dreaming lucidly. Over time, when you enter REM sleep, your waking awareness will work its way into your subconscious mind. You can create a signal, such as a red ball or a brown dog, that will alert you to the fact that you're dreaming.

Your dreams show so much about you. What would you like to control about your dreams?

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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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