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Meditation For Beginners by Psychic Cassandra

Meditation can ease your mind and body of life's daily stressors.
Meditation can ease your mind and body of life's daily stressors.

Meditation is the key to tapping into your inner power and inner strength.  Meditation will bring you peace, fulfillment, direction for your life, joy, interaction with the spirit world, and all manner of good things.

Many people get stumped before they even start the process because when they try to relax they may be continuously distracted by “mind chatter.” Then they get discouraged and feel frustrated thinking they can’t meditate.

Before you even begin to meditate, make sure you have a quiet, peaceful place to relax in. You should do this alone (or with others who are meditating) and should limit outside noise as much as possible. Soft, calming music can be used to try and offset other sounds and keep you focused. Also, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing. Any distractions will only make the process less rewarding.

A good solution to this dilemma is to focus on your breathing when you are in your relaxed state of being. You can silently tell yourself, “breathe in…breathe out”.  Do this over and over and you will find that the mind chatter cannot continue.

Another breathing technique often used in meditation is “yogic breathing.” This is a process practiced in yoga where you focus on the flow of breath coming into and out of the body. You can find many explanations of yogic breathing online, but all involve simply feeling the breath as it enters your nose, lungs, and belly, and following the process back out. This intense focus on your breathing will help distract your mind from all other thoughts.

Another good way to begin the meditation process is to start out by doing just a few minutes at a time. Start out using the above process for 5 minutes a day. Then increase it to 7 minutes. Then 10 minutes. And before you know it you’ll be able to get into your relaxed state for extended periods of time.

You will find that when you are in a meditative state that you feel “lighter.”  It may feel like you are floating. This is a good indicator that you are deep into your relaxed state and that you are very connected with your spiritual self.

Being connected with your spiritual self means that you are also connected with other spiritual beings, human and angelic. This connection is great for getting answers to questions, solutions to problems, connecting with your loved ones who have passed to the other side, and generally getting guidance for your life purpose.

Sending you the best of thoughts in your meditation experiences.

Author's Photo by Cassandra x7528
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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