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Soul Contracts

Soul contract
Soul contract

The term may be unfamiliar to you but those who believe in soul contracts advocate that we chose our challenges in this world. Soul contracts are agreements the soul entered into in a past life, prior to birth. These contracts, "intricately weave our experiences together to create the teaching tools in our lifetimes," according to SelfGrowth.com.

These agreements serve to enlighten human beings, sometimes for short periods of time and often for lifetimes. A soul contract can be thought of as similar to destiny and may be witnessed in a friendship or a job we were meant to have and learn from in order we become more cultivated and sophisticated beings.

The contracts are experiences that guide us in life and were "put in place in order for us to have the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually... Ultimately (they help us) to reach our goal of enlightenment," according to the website.

If you are curious to learn more about these contracts, you can speak with clairvoyantly skilled psychic who can offer you insight to the contracts your own soul has entered into. 
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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