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Understanding the Abilities of a Clairvoyant

Discover what a clairvoyant can do for you.
Discover what a clairvoyant can do for you.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” It is a psychic gift that allows a psychic to see spiritual, hidden, and remote things. However, there are several variations of the gift. Clairvoyance is not to be confused with clairaudience, claircognizance, or clairsentience. Look at the abilities of a clairvoyant to understand this psychic gift better.

Types of Clairvoyant Abilities

Clairvoyance is one of the most common psychic abilities. In fact, most people have some degree of clairvoyance, which is manifested through intuition or gut feelings. However, some people are more in tune with these abilities, which is why clairvoyants are the most common online psychics. Clairvoyants are more aware of things around them on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The best clairvoyants can see what is going to happen or has already happened without asking too many questions.

Look at these three variations to the gift of clairvoyance:

  • Physical Viewers: These clairvoyants see things with their eyes or minds based on the emotions and people around them. This gift allows them to make predictions about the future, although the things they see are usually open to a lot of interpretation. It’s hard to decode the symbolism in visions experienced by clairvoyants.


  • Remote Viewers: These clairvoyants can see things happening far away. The gift is not typically associated with seeing the future, but rather physical things happening in the present in a different location. For instance, a clairvoyant might be able to sense something bad is happening and receive a vision about it. It can also be used to help people find missing objects.


  • Spiritual Viewers: These clairvoyants are in tune with the energy fields and auras of the people around them. They can look at someone and figure out what is bothering them by evaluating the blockages or problems with the person’s chakras.


Tools Used by Clairvoyants

Not all clairvoyants need tools to tune in to information, but some use tarot cards, tea leave, crystal balls, or other items to help them focus. These tools help clairvoyants open their minds to get the information they need. No clairvoyant is “always on” because this would leave his or her world bombarded with information and impossible to navigate. So, many clairvoyants use tools to separate their psychic gift from being distracting all the time.

How Do People Develop Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyants are born with a sixth sense for seeing the bigger picture and listening to spiritual guides. However, it is a gift that needs to be honed and developed through visualization exercises. It takes commitment to truly get to a point where clairvoyant powers can be used to help others. That’s why you need to seek an authentic psychic with a lot of experience since all clairvoyants have different skill levels and power.

If you need the help of a psychic, a clairvoyant is one of the best places to start. Just trust that you can find one with the gifts and abilities you need.

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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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