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What Do My Nightmares Mean? by Hollywood Psychics

Reoccurring nightmares can be disturbing. Get to the bottom of them.
Reoccurring nightmares can be disturbing. Get to the bottom of them.
It's easy to talk about dreams, everyone loves to share the one about the hottie that we married or the piles of money we found under the elm tree in our front yard. But nightmares are difficult to share because they're frightening and sometimes even embarrassing. Here are the most common nightmares and what they mean. (Surprise: they're not as bad as you think!) 

Nightmares About Your Own Death 
Recurring dreams about your own death are terrifying. Are they a premonition? Are you doomed? Not according to dream experts. These nightmares merely indicate you're going through some inner transformation from discovering yourself. The nightmare signifies that you're letting go of the person you used to be and are ready to embrace the wonderful, positive person you're becoming. Often, these nightmares occur right after a major life change, such as scoring an important new job or overcoming an obstacle. 

Nightmares About the Death of a Loved One 
The next scariest thing is to dream that someone you dearly love has died. Take heart, because this nightmare isn't a premonition either, and your loved one is most likely safe and free from harm. What the dream does signify, is that the person has a quality you want but don't think you have. There is something about them that you strive to be. Find out what this quality is with a free psychic reading and start working toward your own goals. 

Nightmares About Your Teeth Falling Out 
This nightmare is more common than you might think. Most people dream about their teeth falling out at some time or another. The nightmare signifies a lack of confidence in yourself, and perhaps some embarrassment you feel. Your inner self is afraid of exposing your shortcomings to others. The way to overcome this nightmare is by building your confidence and offering yourself positive reinforcement. All of us feel unworthy at times, and you are not alone. Focus on your positive qualities and learn to appreciate the better part of yourself. 

Nightmares About a Big Test 
Dreaming about a big test means you feel under scrutiny in some way. Is your boss constantly over your shoulder at work? Do you feel like your significant other is always criticising you? In what way do you feel scrutinized in your life? Address this real issue, and the nightmares will take care of themselves. The dreams can also be telling of how you're coping with the scrutiny. If you ace the test, you're already coping nicely. If you bomb, it's time for some adjustments. 

Nightmares About Falling 
Again, dreams of falling are extremely common, and most people report having this nightmare at times. However, if the nightmare is recurring, and causes you concern, you need to deal with it in order to be an emotionally healthy person. If you aren't afraid when you fall, you're overcoming your adversities. If you are afraid, it means you have some insecurities or you lack the support system you need. A psychic chat can be tremendously helpful in filling in the blanks.

See? Nothing on the list means you're going to die or even that something horrible is going to happen. Pay attention to what your subconscious tells you, and use these messages to make positive changes in your life. 
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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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