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What it Means When You Dream You're Toothless

Dreaming about losing your teeth?
Dreaming about losing your teeth?
There are lots of common dreams that many people experience throughout their lives, like imagining that you're falling, flying or naked at school. One particularly common dream scenario is having your teeth crack, rot or fall out. If you keep dreaming of dental woes, is it a sign of some serious underlying problem or unresolved issue in your personal life?

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out doesn't necessarily mean that it's time to schedule a check-up with the dentist. (Though while we're talking about it, you might as well go ahead and do so.) Actually, dreaming that something is happening to your smile is very common and has several different possible interpretations.

One theory is that dreaming of losing your teeth reveals that you're anxious about how others perceive you. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're worried about your physical appearance, but more that you're concerned you're not projecting the right kind of image in your friendships, relationships or professional liaisons. Dreaming of your teeth crumbling, rotting or falling out could also indicate that you're afraid of growing older. Since teeth are used to bite and chew, dreaming of losing them might even symbolize a fear of losing power.

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All "Mind, Body, Spirit" Posts
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