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4 Need-to-Know Questions to Ask Before Saying "I Do" by Hollywood Psychics

Tell us in a comment below how/when you knew you were ready!
Tell us in a comment below how/when you knew you were ready!
Romance is exciting, thrilling, invigorating, and one of the greatest feelings in the world. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and fail to see problems looming down the road. Here are some questions to ask before you don the ring, say the vows, and shove cake up each other's noses. The questions aren't for killing the joy, but for assuring that the marriage is happy, satisfying, and successful. 

1. Do You Feel the Same Way About Having Kids? 
You might yearn for a bundle of joy to give you sloppy kisses and make mud pies in your cherished rose garden. Or perhaps you're the career-minded gal who measures success by stock options and mergers instead of growth marks on the pantry door. Both of these women have worthy goals, so long as she finds a partner who shares the same ones. Find out if you both want the same thing, because it's not fair to marry someone and deny them children, or to demand they have kids they don't really want. You'll both lose out on that deal. Not sure yet what your future plans are? Get a free psychic reading before taking the plunge. 

2. Do You Have the Same Viewpoints on Money? 
Are you a spendthrift who wants wads of cash in the bank in lieu of fancy cars and extravagant vacations? Maybe you're the woman who likes her nice things and leaves the future to take care of itself. There's nothing wrong with either mindset, but it will be a problem if your spouse has different ideas about how to handle money. Money is a tough topic to broach, but it is one of the leading causes for divorce. Make sure you two see eye-to-eye on financial issues before you combine your assets. 

3. Are You Compatible on an Intimate Level? 
There are tigers, and there are house cats. Which one are you? More importantly, is your fiancé an equal match? Intimacy means something different to everyone. Whether you need a more physical expression of love, or an emotional one to be satisfied, your partner should be on the same level. It can get very frustrating very fast if you have different expectations of each other. It can also become very awkward and uncomfortable if you don't address it directly. Make sure you're open and honest with each other so both parties can be satisfied.

4. Are You On the Same Page About Housework Responsibilities? 
A few decades ago, this wouldn't even be a question. But as women take on more responsibilities outside the home, men have to be willing to make up the difference inside the home. Full-time housewives are admirable, as are career women. But if your focus is external, make sure your man is willing to suds up some dishes and separate the white load from the darks. Not sure if he'll hold up his end of the bargain? A psychic clairvoyant can help figure that out.

Asking these questions may be hard, and hearing the answers even harder. But a meeting of the minds now assures a happy, healthy, satisfying marriage for the future. 
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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