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4 Ways to Keep Long-term Sex Interesting

How do you keep your love life adventurous?
How do you keep your love life adventurous?

Long-term relationships are beautiful, because they prove how worthwhile respect, true commitment, and contentment really are. The only problem is that everything becomes routine after a while—especially in the bedroom. Whether you like to keep things somewhat tame or yearn for more excitement, you can reignite the spark and keep the home fires burning between you and your lover.

Don't Neglect Romance

You may simply need a little romance in your lives. Wine, candlelight, and a true seduction scene are sometimes all you need to reinvigorate your sex life. Don't forget how important foreplay is, and try to spend more time on it. You may even go back to your courting days and think about the things that used to get you going. For example, perhaps you simply need to get away for an afternoon or indulge in a long make-out session.

Take It Slow

It's common to try to speed things up in a long-term relationship. You have work to deal with, the kids to take care of, and you're tired after a long day. While quickies certainly have their place, make some time to take it slow. Return to those marathon make-out sessions you enjoyed when you started dating. Spend hours exploring each other, and really get to know each other again. You may need to get away or figure out how to reconnect first, so try a psychic phone call as a couple and ask for some practical, unbiased advice.

Explore Your Fantasies

Maybe it's time to bring something new into the bedroom. If you and your partner have never discussed your fantasies, or never acted on them, now's the time to try. Whether you love the idea of playing the voyeur, role-playing, or trying a more serious fetish, such as S&M, talk about it with each other. Everyone has a fantasy and some people have a fetish. Discovering yours together can bring some excitement back into your love life, and even make you feel closer.

Try Experimenting with Props

You don't have to get extreme or kinky, unless you both agree you want to, but sometimes trying something new is as simple as bringing something else into your sex life. If you're both visual, for instance, then you might want to watch an erotic film together. You could even choose something that illuminates a fetish or fantasy that interests both of you.

You may want to think about using toys or props, as well. This could consist of using warm oil for an erotic couples' massage, or you might decide to play around with handcuffs or scarves. As long as you fully trust each other, anything is possible. Talk to a psychic advisor who specializes in love, and discuss ways you can experiment with new things. This will also make sure that your trust levels are high enough to play around with new, unexplored ideas.

You've come such a long way as a couple, and you certainly love each other like crazy. Don't let a dull sex life affect the happiness you've achieved after all this time.

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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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