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7 Healthy Ways to Let Go of a Failed Relationship

It's not good to stay in a failed relationship
It's not good to stay in a failed relationship

Letting go of a failed relationship is a very hard process. It doesn't matter if you are breaking up with a boyfriend or you're ending a long friendship; it's tough in the beginning to cut ties with the person. There are many ways to help you get through the end of the relationship, and here are seven ways that are healthy for you.


The healthiest way to let go is to work up a sweat. Working out will not only take your focus away from the relationship, but exercise releases endorphins that give you a happy feeling afterwards. Taking time to make yourself feel good can help you realize why you needed to end a relationship.

Physically Let Go of Items

If you are spending lots of time looking at old letters or photographs, one way to let go is to physically get rid of any item that reminds you of the other person. Delete old pictures on your phone and computer, and erase any messages or letters from them. 

Assess the Failed Relationship

If you can't seem to get over the relationship, then look at what happened. Take time to look at what went wrong, but also think of different approaches and strategies to help you in similar future situations and your next relationship. You will be ready when something comes up. Having a psychic reading by phone can give you insight from someone who wasn't a part of the relationship.


Another way to let go is to practice meditation. Spend time taking deep breaths and become more aware of your surroundings. Feel yourself in the present while repeating positive mantras such as "I am stronger now than I ever have been."

Spend Time Talking to Others

While you don't want to talk to everyone about the failed relationship, it's good to make time to chat with someone close to you. It's good to get your feelings out to a good listener, and their opinion is helpful so you can move on. If you would rather not bother your friends about it, then spend some time talking to a psychic online who can guide you along a path to find a healthy relationship.

Eat Right

Failed relationships can lead to overeating because food is a coping mechanism for some. But eating all processed and fatty foods can expand your waistline and put your health in decline. A better method is to eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Water helps your skin glow, and eating healthy helps you avoid bad foods. You look good on the outside, and it can improve your well-being on the inside.

Take up a Hobby

Keeping yourself busy can help you from dwelling on what went wrong. Find a hobby that has meetings, such as a knitting club. Being around new people helps you enjoy life, and a hobby gives you something else to concentrate on.

It is never easy to end a relationship that failed. Taking time to help yourself heal is the first step to letting go and feeling relieved that you made the right decision.

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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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