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7 Ways to Get Noticed at Work

Think you're blending in so much that the boss is passing you up for raises and promotions? Learn to stand out.
Think you're blending in so much that the boss is passing you up for raises and promotions? Learn to stand out.

Does it seem like you're blending into the crowd — getting passed up for raises and other opportunities? If so, it's time to learn how to get noticed and get those promotions and pats on the back you deserve. Here are a few simple tips to have your bosses raising their eyebrows in no time at all. 

1. Don't Be a Clock Watcher 

The average worker begrudgingly drags in at 8:05 a.m., even when the workday starts at 8:00 a.m. He peers at the clock until lunch and glares at the clock until 4:47 p.m. when he can take it no longer and sneaks out before 5:00 p.m. The workers who receive (positive) attention arrive a few minutes early so they can take care of the obligatory "hellos," grab their coffee, and start working away by official start time. Don't try to stretch out your lunch breaks, or pop out early. Stay at work and get your work done. Just doing what you're supposed to do makes you stand out from the slackers. 

2. Meet Your Deadlines 

Your boss pays you for productivity, not excuses. When you have a project, take some time to create a schedule and document when you need to have certain portions done. Stay on track, so that you can deliver the project when your boss asked for it, sooner if possible. Bosses notice who's getting things done and who is always in need of more time. If you're constantly having problems meeting deadlines, the best psychics can help you identify and correct the problem. 

3. Have a Stellar Attitude 

It's amazing how much this one little attribute can change your life. But just think about it: if you were the boss, would you want to pay attention to the worker with a bright, cheery attitude who always uses good manners? Would you reward the worker who grumbled every time they were asked to do something? Be the person you'd want working for you, and your bosses will definitely pay attention. Having attitude problems? A psychic reading might help. 

4. Deliver Quality Work 

Whatever your assignment is, do it to the best of your ability. Make sure that careless mistakes are corrected and that the work is something you are proud to hand over to your boss. Also, give him work he's proud to hand his client. When you deliver something that makes the client happy, the boss definitely appreciates it. 

5. Volunteer Your Personal and Professional Efforts 

Instead of scoffing at the office softball league or your colleague who's selling candy for their kids' fundraiser, chip in. Participate in extracurricular activities, and drop in a few bucks when the hat goes around for a coworker in need. Not only will your bosses notice, your coworkers will appreciate you. Then when you do get that promotion, they'll believe in you. 

6. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others 

The workers who get the promotions, raises, and bonuses (plus the sweetest assignments) aren't those who constantly bring others down to look better themselves. It isn't important whether you're more skilled than Sally or work harder than Bob. Stand on your own merits, and they'll speak for you without you having to open your mouth. 

7. Don't Avoid Your Bosses 

People avoid bosses for two reasons: they don't want to be called out for mistakes, or they don't want the boss to assign them more work. When you're doing what you're supposed to do, there's no reason to avoid the boss. This doesn't mean kiss up, but it also means chatting a moment when you find yourselves together in the elevator or break room. 

With these simple tips, you're sure not to be passed up the next time a good opportunity comes around. 

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