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Are You a Good Kisser?

Are you a good kisser?
Are you a good kisser?
A first date. Dinner was great, and your conversation was even better. The new guy or girl walks you to your door, leans in and … the kiss.

There are few thrills in life greater than smooching your new crush for the first time, but if you're not secure in your abilities to pucker up, then the act may cause you anxiety rather than butterflies.

And, in addition to making you nervous, wielding an imperfect kissing technique could impact your chances of scoring a second date.

According to WonderHowTo.com, nine out of 10 people claim that they wouldn't date a person who was a bad kisser, but one out of five would date a partner who they found unattractive should that unfortunate looking soul exhibit unexpected kissing prowess.

"Kissing requires good breath and moist, non-crusty or chapped lips," Whitney, a 27-year-old Philadelphia native, told MensHealth.com. "These things show a guy takes care of himself, a crucial sign he can care for others. Good breath and moist lips may also indicate that he was considerate enough to freshen up after the garlic-bread appetizer."

If you're experiencing anxiety about your love life, contact one of our psychics. An expert love psychic can clue you into how you'll meet the love of your life - or just let you know if he or she is a good kisser!
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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