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Can You Have More Than One Soul Mate? by Psychic Cassandra

It's possible to have more than one deep connection in a lifetime.
It's possible to have more than one deep connection in a lifetime.

A soul mate is someone with whom you have a very deep connection, which simply means that you feel very comfortable being with them as if you’ve known them all your life.  In other words, you understand them at a level that can’t really be described in words—you really get that person.


Being in a soul mate relationship isn’t always limited to just one person.  However, it usually happens with just one person at a time.   So the likelihood of experiencing a romantic soul mate connection with more than one person at the same time is slim to none.


For example, perhaps you had a soul mate connection with someone and they’re no longer in your life.  They may have left the earth plane and gone on to another dimension.  Or maybe you had a soul mate connection with someone when you were younger and you fulfilled your destiny together and then went on to meet new people. Basically, having a deep, loving, and special connection with another person isn’t always limited to once in a lifetime.


There’s a message floating around out there that soul mate connections are rare because they’re so deep.  And there’s also a message that states that a romantic relationship that deep can only happen with one person in one lifetime.


Because we have numerous lifetimes throughout our personal history, this means we have many opportunities to interact with other spiritual energies.  This interaction will automatically offer chances to meet that person, fulfill a particular destiny, and have various experiences.


If you’re experiencing a deep connection with someone and you’ve already had a soul mate connection prior to being with the current person, please understand that is meant to be.  You’re not crazy in your belief or your feelings.  And if you’re having such an experience it’s because you made a spiritual contract with the people before you came to the earth plane.


It’s important to allow yourself to have the experience and not get bogged down with the idea that one can only have a deep, loving, romantic, soul mate connection once in a lifetime.  In other words, enjoy the romance and the joy that comes with being in a true soul mate connection relationship.


Sending love and light.

Author's Photo by Cassandra x7528


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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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