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Dealing with a Cheater

Should you forgive a cheater?
Should you forgive a cheater?
So, you caught your significant other cheating. Maybe you saw incriminating photos on Facebook, intercepted a steamy text message to another or even came home to find your honeybunch in flagrante with somebody else. However it happened, we understand how devastating it can be to realize the person you love hasn't been faithful to you. Is it time to move on, or should you try to forgive your erstwhile sweetheart?

If you're young, financially independent and childless, it might be time to wave bye-bye to your cheating ex. You're hot, successful and have plenty of time ahead of you! Why waste it with a guy or gal who doesn't appreciate what you have to offer? Dump the baggage, grab a few friends and hit the bar scene to find some new prospects.

Of course, things might not be that simple. If you're financially dependent on your significant other, married, and especially if you have kids, there's a case to be made for staying together. Is he or she sorry for what happened and dedicated to fixing the relationship? If your darling shows true remorse, you might want to give things another shot.

If you still don't know what to do about your unfaithful lover, contact a psychic. Our psychics can look into your future to help you see if this is the end, or just a speed bump in a happy relationship.
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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