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Deep, Dark Secrets... Should You Tell? by Hollywood Psychics

Being intimate doesn't always mean spilling it all.
Being intimate doesn't always mean spilling it all.
When it looks like a relationship is moving in the right direction (aka you've got a drawer at his place and it's assumed Friday night is between you two) it's tempting to want to spill your guts. Honesty is the best policy, right? Not so fast, according to relationship writer and guru Robbie Lee. Some secrets are damaging, and offer no benefits upon exposure. Also, a little mystery is sexy. Here's how to discern which secrets to let him in on - and which ones to take to your grave.

Don't Tell Him Details About Past Lovers
There are many reasons for keeping this info locked down. First, no matter how the relationships ended, at one point these memories were intimate details between you and a trusted person. It isn't fair to invite someone else into this, even after the fact. Second, he'll always be comparing himself to your old memories. Whether he feels like he comes out on top or not, this isn't a healthy way to conduct a relationship. Finally, one of you has had more lovers than the other. Either you end up the novice - or the slut.

Don't Tell Him Someone Else's Secrets
Most of your secrets probably involve someone else. Maybe you and your BFF broke into your old high school, or you and the neighbor kids painted graffiti on the crabby old man's house. Whatever secrets you share with others, they're not yours to divulge. If telling your secret amounts to ratting someone else out, too, then don't. You can always speak to someone else about these secrets, such as your psychic advisor. But keep it away from people they might actually meet.

Do Tell Him About Issues That Affect Him
If your secret does affect your guy in some way (such as an STD or your tendency to break people's noses in your sleep), then you owe it to him to tell him. You also need to tell him other people's secrets if it means keeping him safe. For example, one woman had to tell her boyfriend that her dad had once been accused of sexual misconduct with a child, because it factored into whether or not the boyfriend should bring his own children around. These issues are tough, but be fair. Is it something you'd feel you had a right to know? Then he has the right to know, too.

Do Tell Him About Old Issues That Affect You Now
Sometimes we carry scars that show up as irrational behavior. You may be afraid of heights because of a silly prank some cruel kids pulled when you were five. Or maybe you can't stand a particular type of music that he loves because it reminds you of a loss. If he can't understand your reactions to certain situations, it could be time to fess up to the truth so you two can move forward together.

Don't Abuse Alcohol
The worst thing you can do is spill your guts after a night of partying. Even if it was a secret you ought to tell him, it's probably going to come out all wrong. Keep your alcohol intake in check, and choose what to tell him when you're sober-minded and thinking clearly. Once secrets are out, the don't come back. If you feel you need help, get a psychic reading for guidance.

Everyone has secrets, but everyone's secrets are unique. Use good judgement, and if in doubt, don't.
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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