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Getting Your New Year's Resolutions Together

Enter 2014 with the right mindset about your new year's resolutions and you'll have more success.
Enter 2014 with the right mindset about your new year's resolutions and you'll have more success.

January is perhaps the most cursed month of them all. We pin all our hopes and aspirations on whether or not we are successful at our long list of goals in these mere 31 days. Approach January with a new mindset this year, ready to conquer but realistic about your expectations. Don't worry - your psychic is here to help. 

Consider What You'd Like to Change About This Year 

When making that list of resolutions, have a chat with an online psychic about what you'd do differently this year. Would you eat less? Study more? Go somewhere? Spend time working toward a worthy cause within your community? Instead of considering this year a waste, look at it as a learning instrument. Take what you can learn from mistakes this year and apply it toward how next year can be better. Then think about all of the years of your life you can make better from what you learned this year. Once you have your list, study it carefully. 

Be Realistic About Resolutions 

Resolutions are often failures just because we try to cram too many expectations into an unmanageable "to do and not to do" list. Real life changes don't happen because we expect ourselves to become entirely different people overnight. Real life changes come because we take manageable steps toward making better decisions. Focus on a few things that are important to you, and don't bog down your list with unnecessary and unrealistic goals. Your psychic can keep you honest about expectations. 

Write Your Resolutions Down 

There is something about putting your goals down on paper that makes it real. Add a few reminders to yourself in next year's calendar as checkpoints to evaluate how you're proceeding with those goals. Create inspirational messages to yourself and put them in your diary or on your computer to refer to when you need a lift. Psychic readings are often more beneficial when you have solid notes to work from, so share what you've written with your psychic. 

Realize That Significant Changes Don't Happen Overnight 

Real psychics will tell you that worthy goals take time. You won't lose 20 pounds, or get straight with your finances, earn a degree, or plan a trip overseas in just a few weeks. These things take time, and that's why you have a whole year earmarked to get it done. Be patient with yourself. Celebrate small successes, and each step you take toward reaching your goal. 

Create A Plan for Meeting Your Goals 

You'd never head across the country without a road map, so you can't expect to head toward "better fitness," or "quitting smoking," or "stressing out less" without a solid plan for getting there. Break your goal up into manageable segments, such as walking one mile without getting winded, or being able to go without a cigarette for four hours. Once you meet this mini goal, set another achievable goal to work towards. With a plan in place to get segments of your goal accomplished, you'll be more likely to see success at the end of the year. Your psychic can be your guide and cheerleader while you're on your way. 

If you feel like you've failed, use the temporary setback as a learning tool, not a reason to beat yourself up. If you stick with it, you can finally get past this hurdle in your life and accomplish even loftier goals later with ease, because you've learned to overcome the obstacles that were holding you back. 

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