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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Want to find out if he loves you ... or if he's just playing games?
Want to find out if he loves you ... or if he's just playing games?

Does your mind ever wander off, wishing you could be reading his mind? Does he really love you? Is this the real thing? There are more reliable ways to determine if he's into you than plucking the petals off a poor wildflower. Read these telltale signs.

Loves You If ... He Talks About the Future With You

When he mentions the future, does he talk in terms of "I" or "we"? If you're in his long-term plans, you'll hear him mention things you two ought to do together, vacations you ought to take, and plans you two can make as a couple. If his future tense talks always involve him, his plans, and what he wants to do without the "we" part, this is a warning sign.

Loves You Not If ... He Won't Come Out and Say How He Feels

Guys who toy with you when you ask how they feel, or refuse to make a statement about how they feel when you talk about your feelings aren't really serious about you. If you're not sure what signals he's sending, consult an online psychic.

Loves You If ... He's Willing to Compromise to Make You Happy

When two people care about each other, it's important to make compromises so that both people get to do things they like. If he's willing to give up an afternoon of watching sports to help you fix your car or find a new couch, he's into you and knows that the love takes some sacrifices on both parts.

Loves You Not If ... He Isn't Consistent

Is he into going out with you and hanging out together one week, and then goes two weeks without including you in any of his plans? If so, this is a warning sign that he just doesn't share the same feelings you have. You can always check with a psychic line if you're not sure what his actions mean.

Loves You If ... He Gets Angry, But Doesn't Stay Mad

Having a riff isn't a sign he doesn't care. In fact, if he cares enough to become angry sometimes that means his feelings are real. But when he's quickly able to let it go so that you two can get back to enjoying each other's company, it means you've got someone who cares about keeping the relationship going.

Loves You Not If ... He Doesn't Make Time for You

Everyone has hectic times — times when a family member is sick or work puts extra demands on his time. But if every week brings up reasons why you two can't spend time together, then he's clearly not making you a priority in his life.

Loves You If ... He Wants to Know More About You

Does he want to know what your favorite restaurant is, what your favorite color is, and what type of flowers you prefer? If so, he's into you for real. Better yet, if he remembers those little details later on, he's truly smitten.

If you're getting good vibes, your instincts are likely right. However, if the feeling just isn't there, it's time to move on to a new phase in your life — with someone who loves you like you deserve.

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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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