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How to Avoid Relationship Mistakes by Hollywood Psychics

Don't let history repeat itself in your current relationship.
Don't let history repeat itself in your current relationship.
Too often you've allowed your relationships to fizzle. You long for that unbreakable bond. You want a best friend who's also your lover. From the five-week flings to the five-month fairy tales, something always goes wrong. After that last heartbreak, you're feeling ready to attempt the dating game again. However, you're weary of yet another failed romance in your future. Play by these rules and he'll be sure to stick around.

Make Sure The Nice Guy Doesn't Finish Last
We love the bad guys. They're the ones who snatch us with their ridiculously good looks and charm and then drop us like yesterday's news. Our psychics keep telling us "he's no good," but we don't listen. These guys are transparent. When you first met him was he just a bit too confident? Don't let the bad guys continue winning you great girls. You've met the nice ones. He may not be the smoothest cat. He's still confident, but he's not cocky. He takes you on dates and wants to get to know you. Give the guy a shot. Your future love life will thank you.

Stand Your Ground 
We could learn a little something from the ultra-feminists on this topic. Know your strengths. Know your power. Don't ever let the guy demean or control you. He's the type too many girls fall in love with only to be heartbroken each and every day they stay with him. At first signs of this dreadful behavior, ditch him and move onto the next one.

Have an Interesting Life Outside of the Relationship
Have you ever heard of a stage-five clinger? Chances are, you've been one before. Guys need their time away from you just as badly as you need your own time too. Remember how important the "chase" is in relationships, especially the newer ones. Keep up with that awesome social life you had before meeting him. Continue the frequent ladies nights and don't neglect your hobbies. Always have him wondering what you're up to and you'll secure this stallion.

Keep That Guard Up Until He Falls First
Don't say "I love you" first and try not to fall before he does. This rule goes back to the chase. Men will forever worship a girl who subtly plays hard to get. Keep him curious and he'll remain fascinated. Furthermore, never stop looking until he's made it obvious you're the only one. Let the innocence of the new relationship take its time. 

Trust Him Until He Gives You Reason Not To
There's nothing guys dislike more than a girl who's insecure. Check his phone or spy on him and you'll immediately send him packing. Be confident that you're the only one in his life until he gives you reason to believe otherwise. If he's faithful, you'll find yourself in a committed and trusting relationship-the best kind of relationship of all. If you're that suspicious, consider getting a love psychic reading first.

These aren't the only rules but they're definitely some of the most important ones to follow. Put yourself in the guy's shoes. Think about what would swoon him and keep him around. You're going to get it right this time around. 
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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