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How to Heal When Love is Rejected by Psychic Cassandra

Accept your feelings and learn how to move on.
Accept your feelings and learn how to move on.
Sometimes in life you might find yourself loving someone who doesn’t feel the same.  Or maybe the level of love from the other person isn’t as deep as the love you feel for them. The end result is that you, the loving person, end up getting hurt, confused, and wondering what you did wrong.

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you were actually a couple, but now you aren’t; the other person ended it and now you’re stuck with all those loving feelings and don’t know how to move on. Or perhaps you have such a strong attachment that you’re certain the other person will “see the light” and step up to the plate. So, this hope is keeping you stuck and feeling lots of pain.

Whatever the reason that you’re not currently in a romantic situation with the other person, the bottom line is, you’re not wrong in your feelings. Accepting this is the key to getting better.  When you accept that you have the feelings, you can begin to observe the reasons why you aren’t together from a more grounded perspective. But remember, this acceptance of your own feelings has nothing to do with changing the other person.  Thinking that you can change another person is a trap that will keep you in pain and you won’t be able to heal properly. 

You have love feelings for a reason.  But why!?

1. You have an inner knowing of a connection between the two of you.  This is most likely because you had past lives together so there’s a sense of comfort experienced at a cellular, energetic, and spiritual level.

2. When you originally got together in a loving relationship both of you expressed your deep love freely, so it came as a surprise to you when the relationship started to unravel because you believed that you were both on the same path and would stay together forever. But sometimes the other party gets scared of the deep feelings and runs. 

3. Sometimes there are self-esteem issues and the other person has an unconscious need for ego-boosting and looks for it elsewhere.
These are just a few examples of why a true love relationship has gone awry.  Having this information may be the key you need to let the relationship go so you can move on. And hopefully you’ll be able to do some deep introspection in order to heal the pain you’re experiencing from a lost love.

The next part of this article about what to do once you’ve healed from a breakup will be published August 19th. 

Sending love and light.
Author's Photo by Cassandra x7528
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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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