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How to Trust the Universe instead of Planning

When you stop and listen, you often find the universe has powerful messages for you.
When you stop and listen, you often find the universe has powerful messages for you.

There are many resources, strategies, and tips available to help you plan. You can plan your dinner menu, plan a great party, plan your career path, and plan your vacation. Sometimes all this planning can get in the way of the path the universe really has in store for you. Try these strategies for letting go of the plan and trusting the universe instead.

Experience the Moment

If you’re always thinking about your plan, you’re not truly experiencing the moment. You can miss out on all kinds of wonderful things happening in the present if all you’re looking at is your to-do list for what you need to complete in the future. Slow down and take the time to really take in everything around you. Let your spontaneous desires lead you to unforgettable experiences. Leave the house with no idea of where you’re going. Pick the direction that feels right and stop to explore when you see something that interests you.

Find Quiet Moments to Listen

Instead of listening to your own interior plan, stop and listen to what the universe has to tell you. Meditate, practice yoga, take long quiet walks, or simply lay back and let a piece of classical music carry you away. Clear your mind of your own agenda and open it up to whatever thoughts or inspirations arise to fill the space. If you need some help in learning how to listen, a psychic can offer some expert tips and strategies.

Take Small Healthy Steps

When you’re working with a master plan, you’ll often find yourself plunging forward to grab the big prize. Instead of working towards that 20 pound weight loss goal, learn to enjoy the pleasures of a long stretch, invigorating run, ice cold bottle of water, and healthy meal. Take tiny steps that allow you to fully enjoy each moment.

Let Go of Your Desires

Working without a plan necessitates a certain level of surrender to the greater universe. Stop letting your desires rule your actions, and instead let each new experience guide you onward to the next one. If you sense a pressing need to take care of something you perceive as unpleasant, give in and do it anyway. Your destiny won’t always be neat. Sometimes you have to get messy and do difficult things to reap the greatest rewards.

Accept Insightful Guidance

The universe can send you guidance in many forms. When you give up your own plan, you may find powerful messages coming to you from unexpected places. Listen when you’re given advice or guidance. A real psychic can communicate with your spirit guide and offer deeply significant insights that you may not know how to access on your own.

When you start listening to the universe, you’ll find that there’s a lot to hear. Let go of your plan and see what your greater destiny has in store for you. 

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All "Relationships & Sex" Posts
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