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I Dream About My Ex: Do I Still Want Him? by Hollywood Psychics

Does dreaming of him mean we were meant for each other?
Does dreaming of him mean we were meant for each other?
When you're awake, it's easy to remember why you two broke up. Bickering, a lack of mutual interests, or something more serious like abuse or cheating may have sealed the deal. Whatever it was, it's over and you're glad. At least, you are when you're conscious. But you dream about him often, and wonder what this means. Were you two really meant to be together after all? Here's what the experts have to say:

Your Mind Reminisces When Asleep, Just as It Does In Wakefulness
Likely, you'd think nothing if you suddenly remembered the trip you two took to Disney World or the weekend at the lake cabin where everything went wrong, but you laughed in spite of it all. These memories live within your mind, and your brain revisits them in sleep sometimes, just as it does during wakefulness. Sometimes, these dreams are nothing more than your subconscious trip down memory lane.

You May Yearn for a Different Time, Even if You Don't Yearn for the Person
Big life changes, such as entering a new relationship, ending a relationship, starting a new job, or moving to a new city can cause us to look back to times when things were simpler. It's a big job for your mind to wrap around huge life changes, and only natural that your mind would seek out a time and place where things seemed more secure. During change, your mind may revisit many times during your life as it sorts out how to deal with an uncertain future. If you're dealing with large life issues, get a real psychic reading to guide you through.

You Might Have Unresolved Issues With Your Ex
Relationships often end without giving you (and the other person) a chance to say everything you felt. Maybe you wish you'd told him things like how much he hurt you, or perhaps expressed something about him you particularly admired. Unsaid feelings can linger for years, and it's only natural your mind would try to revisit that time and try to set things right.

It's Possible You Do Still Care
If the dream recurs, and even in your waking state you still have feelings for your ex, there could be real feelings you need to address. Of course, if you or your ex are currently in a relationship or there were serious issues that keep you from going back, you'll need to work through getting over it. A psychic or counselor can help you work through your feelings and determine whether it's something you need to pursue, or something best left in the past. Either way, facing your true feelings is the important first step.

Every person who touches our lives, for better or worse, leaves a lasting mark on our hearts, minds, and lives. People in our past are just as real to our subconscious as those around us every day. Dreams can lead us to the right questions, but rarely give us the right answers. Examine your true feelings, weigh these with the reasons why you broke up, and determine logically how to address the situation.
Dreams are just dreams, but our reality lives with us always.
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